Is it time to relocate your dental practice? That means it is also a great time to revisit your practice's marketing strategy. We can help you.

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Did You Know?

relocating practiceYou are not just changing your physical address; you will also need to change your address across your entire digital footprint. Most dental practices have about 30+ online directory listings in addition to their website. If those are not updated to reflect your new location address, your Search Engine ranking (where you show up in search engine results) will take a huge hit.


When you are relocating your practice it’s a great opportunity to not only update your marketing, but upgrade your marketing. You will most likely be adding fancy photos of your beautiful new space, new technology and new equipment. Why not upgrade your marketing presence also? Your marketing, especially your website, is a reflection of what patients can expect when they visit. Let new and existing patients know what you have invested in to get a return on that investment. And, if you have been thinking about rebranding your practice, now is a great time to do it.


If you are adding additional operatories, you’ll need to INCREASE the flow of new patients to fill those ops. Will your current new patient inflow be able to provide an additional $20K in production per new operatory per month? Increasing new patients can fill that potential gap.


A well thought out internal marketing plan (to your current patients) will be critical. You will need a coordinated communication plan to effectively inform patients about the move.


A new location may bring a new set of competitors. Are you now closer to corporate practices that are marketing aggressively? Are you closer to more dentists that have a similar value proposition as yours?

Get a FREE Relocation Marketing Analysis!

Includes a current SEO & Citations Check and a new location online marketing Opportunity Analysis.



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